A true Malaccan, Zi-Han pursued law as a profession and is now practising in Kuala Lumpur specialising in Employment Law. When not in Court, he spends his time crafting comics. His artwork is mainly posted on his Instagram and Twitter accounts through his handle @zizihan.

At 5 years old, Zi-Han started out copying his friend’s artwork and was branded a copycat. Later on, that friend partnered with Zi-Han and started selling their artwork to classmates. Both were caught by teachers for being too entrepreneurial at such a young age.

Zi-Han mainly draws to express himself and about issues he feels strongly about. His pieces caught the attention of Zunar and was approached to showcase some of his artwork in this exhibition.

Zi-Han believes in the concept of Bangsa Malaysia, with the Malay language as the key to uniting all Malaysians.