Jonos is the pen name for Nor Azlin bin Ngah who dabbled in painting as a movie poster painter, then switched to animation to produce popular TV animated series such as Yokies, Alif, Frootees, Abang Sidi and an animated film, Putih.

He also drew cartoons related to current issues and political satire published by Suara Keadilan newspaper, Pakatan Era, Buletin Amanah, Wilayahku, Gedung Kartun magazine, Perak Darul Kartun and Cartoon Issues. In addition to painting, Jonos runs many cartoon drawing workshops on the Basic Cartoon Drawing Book published by Marshall Cavendish and Faber Castel.

Jonos has also produced several short animations published by Zunar and Studio Padang Bata, KKI, Komas and Bersih 2.0 and now, Jonos has become a full-time independent artist by developing Studio Jonos which provides painting services locally and abroad.