Joca or Johnny Ong Chin Aun is a creative introvert who thinks a lot and wants to have more freedom to criticize the authorities without fear or favour. Adheres to: ‘Live modestly and compassionately. Joca is now 57 years old.

Joca has extensive experience in advertising and communications, 2D and 3D animation production, cartoonist editor and visual arts covering extensive knowledge over 30 years of involvement.

Obtained an education from the Malaysian Institute of Art majoring in Graphic Designer and Commercial art which is definitely trained with various art skills and application in accordance with his career.

He has also produced 3 political satire cartoon books namely 1Toon Malaysia, Umno-nomics and Rob n Roll. Joca’s best achievement was being awarded second place by the Malay Mail lat Cartoonist Award. Joca’s artwork can be browsed on his Facebook i.e Johnny Ong Joca.