Khairulazman Abdul Rahaman or better known as Orn was born on April 18, 1974 and is a full -time caricaturist since 2010. He later became a permanent painter at Kellie’s Castle Tourism Complex, Batu Gajah. Orn regularly attends art events organized by the Perak state art agency at Koloni Karyawan (PORT). He was once selected to paint a mural at the Perak MACC Headquarters Building in conjunction with an anti -Corruption campaign and Petai Lane, Bidor. Orn is the recipient of the consolation prize of the ‘Drawing Comics 24 Hours’ competition at the Cartoon Week event. V4 in Pulau Pangkor and last year was chosen by cartoonist Dato ‘Lat as the background drawing ink for the 6 pages of his latest book, the second graphic novel’ Mat Som “.