Aku Napie

Aku Napie started a full -time freelance cartoonist career starting 2012 a year after graduating from a local university. Involved with self -published comics such as Bujang Kartun & Komik Gelabah. Still drawing for the Bujang Kartun page until now.
In addition to drawing cartoons, Aku Napie is also involved in doodle -related activities. Ever won Doodle Battle 2015 at Publika and won several ln doodle competitions around 2016-2019. Also makes commissions for several organizations such as SKMM and Kuala Lumpur International Book Pests. Now more comfortable as a doodle contest jury.

Recently involved with NFT artwork. Where the sale of artwork digitally and related to block chain and crypto currency. Also produced some paintings to be used as a buyer’s collection.