At 9 Airis was offered art lessons to further develop her interest; her plain answer was “I don’t want anyone to change my style…”

Originality came at a young age combining a shy personality with a very bold outlook to life issues; her works a play of mature subjects in an innocent child-like approach.

Renowned Malaysian cartoonist Zunar calls Airis an expressionist with natural talent. Zunar now provides guidance and is her art mentor.

Airis’ first public appearance, “Malam Puisi & Kartun” at Institut Darul Ehsan

(12 April 2017) featured an art demonstration with many respected poets and cartoonists.

An exhibition at Starling Mall, the “Young Cartoonist Talentine” (30 September 2017) featured a collection entitled “Fight like a Girl”. A term reserved for ridiculing the weak; Airis turned it instead to mean that girls should fight for what they want: STRONGLY.

She still draws in her free time and contributed to a set of illustrations in a book entitled “Perubahan Akil Baligh di kalangan kanak-kanak perempuan” under the section of “Sentuhan Selamat”.

3 of her artworks were displayed during Catharsis: Collective Young Artist Exhibition (2018) at the UM Art Gallery