Ain Husniza

Nurain Husniza or Ain also known by her artist name as @ainuvu on Instagram.

Ain is a 16 year old student from Puncak Alam that expresses most of her thoughts and opinions through art. Most of her arts are in forms of cartoons, illustration and comics. She is outspoken and opinionated of her ideas. By combining with her interest in art, she continued to express herself through her drawings.

Ainuvu loves comics especially the Japanese manga and it sparked a deeper passion in her to start drawing.

A majority of her comics is for her own self-expression, some of the comics sketches are about her student life in school and her dissatisfactions. Most of the art and comics are about her opinion on the state of civil society as itself.

She is currently just a student with an interest in artists in art stream at secondary school but she loves to be able to be more professional in her hobby and share her opinion. She believes by joining this exhibition will give her exposure to enhance her knowledge in art.