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Razer To Acquire MOL Global Inc – What Does This Means To Gamers In The Region?

Razer To Acquire MOL Global Inc – What Does This Means To Gamers In The Region?

by Raja IdrisApril 25, 2018

Razer has announce of their intentions in buying MOL Global through the acquisition of around 65.1% of MOL Global’s share capital. The deal is worth approximately US$61 million.

Razer To Fully Own MOL Global

While last year we’ve reported on Razer utilizing MOL’s services with the introduction of zGold MOLPoints, now it seems like Razer is taking a step further and is going to acquire the company for their own.

The proposed Merger is subject to the approval of MOL Global’s shareholders. Despite that, Razer has already obtained irrevocable or finalized undertaking from other major shareholders to vote in favour of the Merger which in sense will add to the 34.9% that Razer already owns and that would be enough to approve the Merger.

Due to the low credit card penetration in Southeast Asia, MOL Global’s 1 million offline payment points, it makes it the largest virtual credits platform for gamers in the region. With the platform, it has allowed companies such as Sony PS Store SEA, Facebook Gameroom, Nexon and more to monetize their games and digital content in the region.

So what can be expected with the Merger? For one, Razer’s current zGold virtual credit business will be combined with MOL Global’s MOLPoints virtual credits business, making it one of the world’s biggest virtual credits platform for gamers.

This will also increase the service category withing Razer’s gaming ecosystem, allowing more games and media companies to further monetize games and contents.

Razer looks to seize the market potential here in Southeast Asia, ramping up their investments in the region.

Pokdepinion: Hopefully, with the merger, they will be able to provide better services to the people in the region. MOLPoints has been of a convenience, and now with Razer set to take over them, it can only mean easier accessibility for gamers, especially to those who use the Razer game store.

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