Opera 42 browser now ships with built-in currency converter — makes international shopping easier


Opera celebrates its 20 years of making a browser with new features and performance update. The latest iteration of Opera 42, is the first internet browser to add a built-in currency converter. It makes it easy to check what items cost, and is ready to improve the way people shop online.

According to research from Alizila in four years’ ranges, 45% of online shoppers worldwide purchased products from foreign online stores. There are even some countries in which has more than 50% of people do purchases globally.

With this trend, the use of online currency converters has become one of the most commons needs when looking for products. As of yet, there is no browser with this feature built in, which make Opera the first browser to offer this solution.

To use the currency converter is very easy, simply select the price you want to convert on the webpage and Opera will automatically show it in your local currency. You can also change your output currency in the browser settings.

In addition the new Opera 42 also has a faster startup mechanism. The browser now take into account which tabs were most recently used before you quit Opera, instead of relying on the order of tabs to determine which ones to load on startup.


Pokdepinion: I agree that Opera 42 is the first browser that comes with built-in currency converter, but for other browsers like Mozilla Firefox, there are numerous add-ons available to enable this feature.