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Google’s Just A Line – First Cross-platform App For AR Doodling Fun

Google’s Just A Line – First Cross-platform App For AR Doodling Fun

by Raja IdrisJune 1, 2018

Have you ever heard of the app called Just A Line? No? Well let us help you on that. Released back in March, it was an experimental Android app by Google that lets you draw in the air with just the usage of your Android device.  Now, they’re continuing the experiment the app on the iPhone and also coming along with a new feature for both Android and iOS.

Google Just A Line

What’s new with the app now is that you are now able to draw the images in your head to your hearts content now regardless of whether you and your friend are using different OS from each other.

To use it, simply put two phones side-by-side and tap the partner icon. Once they are connected (the phones), you and your partner will be able to see and contribute to the same artwork.

If you are wondering what devices that support this app, well for Android devices, it is available on any device that supports ARCore. For iPhones, the latest models will be able to utilize the app. As usual, you can Just A Line at the Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.

Pokdepinion: Why did they have to bring it for the iP…… just kidding! Guess it’s kind of cool of how they made into a cross-platform app. Would be amazing if you could connect to more than just 1 friend. Think of the things you would do with a multitude number of people.


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