Yere Agusto

Has worked as a Graphic Designer, Journalist, Editor, Editor in Chief in several magazines and companies in Indonesia. He has published numerous books such as “Impian Uro”–“Uro’s Dream” (2016), a children picture books; (2017) Health Education Comic “Love Your Body, Love Your Soul” both published  by Andi Publishing, Yogyakarta, Indonesia; (2018) Comic Strip Compilation Book titled “Parade Parodi Hantu 21”-“ Parody Parade by Ghost 21”, Djoko Susilo, Muslih Kokkang, Yere Agusto published by Nebula Comic Publisher, Surbaya, Indonesia; “ Monki, Si Monyet Nakal”-“Monki, the Mischievous Monkey” , “Menembus Angin”-“Breaking Through the Wind” , “Pahlawan Sejati”-“True Heroes” , “Imagiro”- “Imagination” all these children picture books were published by Nebula Comic Publisher.

Last year, Yere contributed his cartoons for “Indonesia Melawan Corona ala Kartunis”- “Indonesia against Corona Cartoonist Style” by PAKARTI, “Denpasar dalam Karikutur”-“Denpasar in Caricuture” published by Denpasar Education and Culture office.