Tommy Thomdean

Tommy Thomdean was born on 19th July, 1980. In 2011-2016 he became a Caricaturist at The Jakarta Post and from 2017 until today he is the Editorial Cartoonist with Harian Kompas. He is the creator and co-creator of several cartoon strips i.e. “Shop Till Drop” cartoon and Duitto and Co, presently he is the director of Joker Syndicate.

Recipient of numerous award accolades such as Special Mention Prize Kompas Caricature Award 2004, Jakarta, 2004. 1st prize Amazon Forest Brazil Cartoon Contest, Brazil, 2007. 1st Prize, Indonesian Women Now! Cartoon contest, Indonesia, 2009. Shortlisted, International Political Cartoon Competition, Ken Sprague Fund, Britain, 2010. First Award, Adinegoro Award, Editorial Cartoon Section, 2017. First Award, MH Thamrin Award, Editorial Cartoon Section, PWI Jaya, 2017. Best Cartoon-On the Move for Justice and Peace, Jaijagat, India, 2020.