Muhammad Nasir

He was born on February 18th.1968, in Kendal Indonesia. In 1993, he furthered his studies at Interstudi Institute completing a Course of Graphic Design and in the year 2001, he attended the Jakarta Art Institute where he subsequently obtained his Bachelor Degree in Art there. His earlier career path saw M. Nasir becoming a Freelance Cartoonist between1983-1989, then he took employment at Humor Magazine between (1990-1994) as a Cartoonist. In (1995-2018) he became an Illustrator of BOLA Sports Tabloid.

Over the years in between he receiving numerous accolades such as an “Honorable Mention” in The Yomiuri Shimbun Cartoon Festival, 1992, Japan. In 1993, he won 2nd Place Winner of BOLA Sports Tabloid Caricature Contest, 1993, Indonesia. He received “Selection Committees Special Prize” in Manga Cartoon Festival 1995, Japan. In 2007, he got 3rd Place in Indonesian Human Rights Commission Caricature Contest, 2007, Indonesia. He was Winner and Runner-up respectively of Bintaro Jaya Poster Contest, 2013 and 2015, Indonesia. In 2019, he received 3rd. Place in Asosiasi Media Siber Indonesia Caricature Contest, 2019, Indonesia. He was Winner of BCF 3 International Cartoon Contest, 2019, Indonesia.