Joen Yunus Erlangga

In 2016 Joen Y. Erlangga was cordially invited to Cairo by the Ministry of Culture of Egypt/ FECOs for a special session sharing event held at the 3rd International Cairo Cartoon Gathering. For two years straight he was the official Cartoonist for World Toilet Day (2015) dan World Toilet Day (2016). He is the Ambassador of Good Humour Party in Indonesia (Poland) and Ambassador of United Sketches in Indonesia (France). Joen is an active member of the Cartoon Movement (The Netherlands), CHNI – Cartoon Home Network International (England and Norway), Toonpool (Germany) and Brazil cartoon (Brazil). In 2011-2012, he received several accolade awards from Cartoon Award in China (2012), Mexico (2012), Romania (2011) and Germany (2011).