Susan Loone

Susan Loone is an online portal journalist who is active in the field of painting in Penang. Susan or Sloone has participated in several exhibitions around Penang such as ‘Exploring Self through Art Expression and Mandala’, ‘Red Face Goddess’ and ‘Two Face Goddess’ exhibition at Rumah China, entitled “8”, a group exhibition by an eclectic group of eight female artists curated by Rebecca Wilkinson also participated in the George Towndan Festival which showcased her painting ‘A Mandala for Trees’ at the window of Rang 8 Cafe and many other art exhibitions around Penang.
In 2008, his two works of art – ‘Eye on Human Rights’ and ‘Six Decades of Turmoil’ were used for envelopes on the Asian Human Rights Bulletin & Development and the 60th anniversary book Universal Declaration of Human Rights – both published by Bangkok-based regional NGO FORUM-ASIA.