Azmie Taha

Azmi Md Taha or better known as AZ in his comics has 30 years experience in publishing is a staunch opposition supporter. His cartoon genre are mostly political satire, it is published in Utusan Malaysia, Suara Keadilan, Bacaria Karangkraf serta Majalah Flipside dan Telatah ( BlacknBrown Publication), Gelihati, Ujang, Varia Lawak, Lanun, Majalah OK, Majalah KO! , Majalah Apadia ( versi Jawi). He onced had his own publishing company which had seized to operate.
Once held a group cartoon exhibition at Balaiseni Negara, Wisma Nusantara organized by the Government of Japan (Yomiuri Shimbun) and several cartoon events with the Independent Cartoonists Group (KKI). AZ also runs a cartoon workshop for university students and secondary and primary school students throughout Malaysia.