Ieda Mazlan

Ieda Mazlan is from Kuala Lumpur. Born in 1992 and now 28 years old. Ieda is an independent illustrator involved in movements such as “Food Not A Landmine” which provides food for the underprivileged is labour of love she does with friends after working hours. Another initiative focused is “Keramat Street Book” which is the activity of promoting, bringing and collecting books in public places, Sarata Collective, Kuala Lumpur Zine Festival which is a DIY festival that promotes local zine in Kuala Lumpur and street art activities. The inspiration for drawing in her paintings often comes from current observation and appreciation, when engaging in collective activities. Often the artwork produced combines with other collectives. She has participated in many activities such as independent art exhibitions, collaborating with local groups and informal musical events around Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Negri Sembilan. She believed that art is a weapon to challenge dogma and therapy.