Shafinaz binti Ahmad Shazalli was born in 1986 in Taiping Perak. Holds a Bachelor of Architecture, International Islamic University Malaysia.

She has a passion for sketching and theatre and expresses herself in her artwork. Her eclectic personality is inspired by poems that she then transforms onto canvas with images of abstract human silhouettes, infused with traditional motifs and geometrical patterns.

Shafinaz uses her current surroundings as the starting point of her painting. Her experiences as a modern woman in today’s society is often her subject matter. As an architect, lines is a constant present in her paintings that connects all the elements in her artwork.

From her loves and fears, to her frustrations and joy, it grows and evolve on the canvas. Shafinaz Shazalli is a modern artist who is not afraid of change. She was involved in the Rantai Art Festival, KL and MAYAS exhibitions. Her art was selected for media releases in DesignScape E-Magazine – Issue 4.