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Xiaomi becomes a partner with processors manufacturer Leadcore

Xiaomi becomes a partner with processors manufacturer Leadcore

by Muhammad FirdausMay 27, 2015

Xiaomi has decided to take on manufacturing devices on their own processors, so they will be less dependant on other suppliers such as Qualcomm and MediaTek.

Vice President of Leadcore, Mr. Marshal Cheng has officially confirmed that at the moment they are working with Xiaomi at all three levels: products, technology and patents.


For the Chinese company Xiaomi is especially important is the last point – patents, as the company has been looking for something to put in their “patents folder “for a long time to better protect their products in an aggressive global arena.

Leadcore are currently holding several patents in the Chinese standard TD-SCDMA 3G, and also for LTE technology.

Why Xiaomi needs to produce devices with their own processors, since there are Qualcomm and MediaTek?


The answer is logical and simple – diversification to reduce risks. In addition, the company will be able to protect their products by means of a portfolio of patents Leadcore. Xiaomi plans to expand into global markets and development of their own SoC is a very reasonable step, and might even be profitable in the longer term.

Moreover, Leadcore – produces very low cost solutions for mobile devices, and collaboration with Xiaomi enables the latter to compete with Samsung (Exynos) and Huawei (Hisilicon) directly with their own solutions .


As a reminder, this is not the first time the two Chinese corporations has cooperated. We have already seen the first result of this partnership in the form of the super-budget Redmi 2A.


source : Xiaomi

Pokdepinion : If this could result in a device which has good performance while also being cheap, it’s a good thing for consumers everywhere. Who doesn’t want a cheap device that runs everyday apps smoothly? I am sure there is a whole market out there that is willing to pay a great deal of money for a phone which “just works”

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