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Enjoy TIME Fibre with a shorter contract — now available with a 12-month contract plan!

Enjoy TIME Fibre with a shorter contract — now available with a 12-month contract plan!

by Vyncent ChanMarch 14, 2018

These days, access to fast and stable Internet isn’t just a luxury, it’s a necessity. A speedy connection enables us to download games and information more quickly, while stable Internet means that the line won’t drop without warning. Fibre broadband has both these qualities and TIME specialises in 100% fibre broadband services, which makes it a great choice for good Internet.

Previously, TIME’s home broadband plans were only available in 24-month contract durations, which aren’t always suitable for those such as expatriates or students who are usually looking for short-term services – especially with rental agreements often being just a year long. For these people, TIME’s 12-month contract option may be the most suitable for them to enjoy all the benefits of fibre broadband with improved contract flexibility.

Besides a one-off RM300 charge for the shorter contract plan, everything else remains the same. Users will get to enjoy identical speed, reliability, consistency and even price for the plan they sign up for. Check out the details of TIME’s fibre home broadband plans below:

If you prefer the 24-month contract, don’t worry – it’s still here to stay, but the added 12-month option means customers don’t miss out on enjoying fast Internet even if they can only commit to a shorter period. For more information about the 12-month contract, go to

Disclaimer: This is an exclusive advertorial for TIME Fibre.

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