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ASUS Launcher update

ASUS Launcher update

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 10, 2015

I just got a notification from the Play Store to update the Asus Launcher. One of the best UIs I have seen on Android phones, and Asus still has managed to make it better with the latest update.


It is now more customisable with easier access to scroll effects, settings, and also added a new feature, icon packs.



The page to apply scroll animations has just been updated. With 7 new animations and a nifty preview above the selector so you can immediately see the animation. Before this you had to apply first then go back to your homescreen to view the changes.



Inside Preference you can pick how you like the folders to be displayed in the app drawer and homescreen. There are 5 new folder styles to choose from. Downside is they still have the square frame and that frame can’t be changed like certain other third party launchers.



The ability to change the icon pack is also very welcome, allowing you to stand out from the sea of Android phones without having to install a custom launcher.


All in all a very welcome update that makes me even happier with my Padfone S.



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