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3DM claims to have cracked Denuvo’s defense

3DM claims to have cracked Denuvo’s defense

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 15, 2016

Gamers use pirated software for various reasons. Some claim to use pirated copies to evaluate a game before splashing RM100+ on it, while some claim that none of the recent games are worth spending any money on, thus taking the skulls-and-bones path.


Whatever the reason, Denuvo anti-tamper technology is here to stop piracy. And it was largely successful, with many famous crackers failing to pick the locks of Denuvo’s DRM. Games like Just Cause 3 and FIFA 16 are yet to be cracked. In fact, 3DM themselves said that cracking Denuvo was so difficult that pirated games may cease to exist in a few years time, leaving pirates high and dry.

jack sparrow pirate

Just recently they announced that they will not be working on cracking any single-player games for at least a year. However, before game producers and studios managed to bring out the bubbly, 3DM announced that they aren’t stumped by Denuvo’s defenses yet.

Just Cause 3

A member of 3DM going by the name Bird Sister claimed that they didn’t stop working on cracks because of the difficulty of cracking Denuvo, and they are ready to prove it. Until that fateful day they prove it, Denuvo will still remain unbroken and pirates will still have to pay for the game they want.


Pokdepinion: We do not condone game cracks but we do know nothing is immune to these hackers. Let’s see if they are successful. It will be a cat and mouse game between DRM technology companies and hackers working at cracking them.



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