Sarah Joan

Sarah Joan Mokhtar, (born July 16, 1983, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia), Malaysian writer, cartoonist and illustrator who created the comic strip Awek Aspuri (1998 – 2001), Elysium Saga (2002) and Rojak (2006). Her debut as a cartoonist was at age 15 in 1998 with the publishing of her series Awek Aspuri in Ujang, at the time Malaysia most widely circulated humor magazine.

Among her career highlights participating in the Asia-Europe Foundations 2007 Lingua Comica in London with Paul Gravett, Associate Artist at the Atlantic Center for the Arts alongside comic artists Craig Thompson and Paul Pope, and organising the National Visual Art Gallery’s first 24 Hour Comic Day event in 2012.

Sarah Joan Mokhtar is one of the founding members of Unnamed Asia, a South East Asian online artist collective and knowledge-sharing platform that provides career support and networking opportunities for South East Asian comic creators.