To redefine how individuals and organisations around the world use and think about NAND storage.


To continuously push for quality, performance and innovation in the NAND storage sector to add greater value for our customers

A Fast-Emerging Name in NAND Technology

Phidisk is SouthEast Asia’s first NAND (non-volatile storage technology) specialist providing a holistic range of products and solutions with its core products including solid state drives, memory cards, On-The-Go and many more. Headquartered in Penang, Malaysia, Phidisk has made great strides both locally and internationally since its establishment in 2017 due primarily to its strong emphasis on global-standard performance and quality.

The Future is NAND

All over the world, from corporate organizations and business enterprises to gaming communities and everyday users alike, the shift from traditional HDD to NAND Storage (SSD) is happening at a blistering pace. The benefits are clear and the cost gap is closing. The global storage landscape is shifting – and Phidisk is at the forefront of this industry-redefining shift.

Phidisk History

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