2.5″ SSD


SD Card



Compared to its traditional counterpart HDD, NAND-based SSD presents a world of advantages.

We strive to cover a wider scope of storage needs, but are also mindful to stay focused on our core specialties in order to continue providing added value for our users. Our products can be grouped into three categories that summarizes our business.

Whether you are looking for industrial, extreme, professional or daily use storage solutions, you will enjoy massive benefits by opting for Phidisk SSD.

NAND is our DNA

Your storage search ends here! Gamers, Creators or casual users, we have the perfect storage for you. Fuel your machines with Phidisk storage and get the ultimate peace of mind.

  • Speed – Our SSDs are incredibly FAST!
  • Longer Life – Lower energy usage gives longer battery life.
  • Silent – No moving parts, no noise!

Built with love, Phidisk ensures reliability is in its core. Using some of the best controllers in the market, fused with detailed quality control, our storage solutions will serve you well for years to come.

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